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Lorex Camera Motion Sensor Not Working

Looking for a Camera that can take p footage? Look no more than the Lorex Camera series! These cameras are designed for small business owners and are full of top-notch features that will make your footage look amazing, whether you're hunting to shoot video or take photos, these cameras are available in either type.

Lorex Camera Motion Sensor Not Working Walmart

Hello, i am afraid that your Lorex Camera is Not working, we can Not find any answer that works for you. I think it might be that the motion Sensor is Not Working properly or something, if you could send it to the store and they can try to fix it, i can try to do that too. But honestly, the best thing would be for you to return the Camera and get a new one free of charge, thank you for your time. If your Lorex Camera is Not Working properly please see the link below for a pack of 8 Lorex 720 p cameras, please note that these cameras are used and unopened pack and will be in valuable condition. We have 8 Lorex 720 p cameras that we can offer for sale, we are confident that our cameras are Working properly and when you have our cameras we will be able to track back to the source to ensure that our cameras are Working correctly. We are proud to offer these 8 Lorex cameras at your service, our Lorex cameras have a motion Sensor that will let you know when the Camera is Not working. The cameras have a range of about 60 which means that you can use them even in long distances, the cameras have a battery that will give you about 3 hours of battery life. So, you can rest assured that you will get the best possible images with your Lorex camera.