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Laser Motion Sensor Alarm

This 3-pack of Laser security system infrared beam Sensor motion detector outdoor is terrific for your outdoor activity, it is a top-notch addition to your home security system and will help keep you and your family safe.

Laser Motion Sensor

This home security Alarm system uses a Laser Alarm system to sound an Alarm when someone is in the house, the Alarm system will detect the movement of a person and then provide an infra-red beam to show in the view from the window how close the person . This system can be used to detect motion and security purposes, this home security camera system includes a Laser Alarm system that will sound the Alarm if someone is within range of the camera's sensors. The system also includes an infrared beam Sensor and a motion detector, the camera will send alerts to your phone if an individual is within range of the camera's sensors and if the motion detector is active. The camera will also send alerts to your phone if someone is not within range of the camera's sensors, the outdoor Laser motion Sensor is designed to help you keep your property safe and secure. This system uses an infrared beam scanner to identify movement, and then use 100 m talk-able range to alerted you when someone is present, the system can even detect motion within 10 m of you, so you can decision-time is not necessary. This motion Sensor Laser detector presents two Laser detectors with associated Alarm systems to detect movement within an area, the detector can be used in an indoor or outdoor location, with an infra-red light to indicate movement. The detector presents a variety of faces that allow for different signage or data entry.